Sodwana Bay – Reefs

Diving:The Maputaland coral reefs are the number one dive spot on any South African diver’s itinerary. It is the premier scuba dive destination within South Africa.

Most of the diving is done on four distinct reefs, namely 2 Mile, 5 Mile, 7 Mile and 9 Mile reefs, named for their distance from the Sodwana launch site at Jesser point.

Dives are done from semi-rigid inflatable boats that can take up to eleven divers. The launches are straight from the beach through the surf. These type of launches are unique to the Kwazulu Natal and Mozambique coast and is a adrenaline rush! This thrilling experience adds to the excitement of the dive.

Average visibility in the area is 15 to 20 meters, with up to 40 meters during winter months. Water temperature ranges from 29ºC in mid summer (Dec/Jan) to approximately 19ºC in mid winter (Jun/Jul) and diving is possible all year round.

During the summer months from December to March large numbers of Ragged tooth sharks congregate at quarter mile reef. The number of boats and divers to this site is regulated to protect the sharks.

Sodwana Bay 2 MileThe most popular of the dive sites. 2 Mile is a large reef about 2km long and about 1km wide. Depths vary from 9m to30m. There are many dive sites within the main body of 2 Mile reef. Due to its size there is something for everyone, from massive beds of corals, rocky overhangs & caves, to a large diversity of fishes and reef inhabitants.

Sodwana Bay 5 Mile. A deeper reef, this site is a dive site for advanced divers. This reef well known for its coral formations. It is 1km long and 1km wide. Depth ranges between 15 and 35 meters. Off this reef are rocky out crops with interesting sea life and well worth the dive. There is a abundance of delicate staghorn coral which occur in large tiers. The average depth is approximately 21 m.

Sodwana Bay 7 Mile. A favorite among advanced divers, 7 Mile is rated as one of  the best dive sites in the world. It is located about 10km from Jesser point. The top of the reef is approximately 15m deep with a distinct drop-off down to 24m on the sand. The inside edge is relatively sheltered from the open ocean and supports a large diversity of fish and invertebrate. Definitely a must!

Sodwana Bay 9 Mile. This reef is untouched by divers because of the distance from Jesser point. This is a spectacular dive. The depth ranges from 3 to 24m. There is a distinct Green coral tree on this reef that supports plenty of fish life.

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